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An Introduction


As one of four Mindtrust fellows for 2016, I am excited to welcome you, dear reader, to my blog entries. In these you will see me alternately stride confidently, meander, and sometimes stumble through this journey of leadership learning. I hope that these blog entries can convey lessons, experiences, and thoughts about leadership that I have over the next 8 months and beyond so that you may be able to skip over my mistakes and more quickly get to your own exciting mistakes and lessons.

In my posts, I will include images that I feel go along nicely with the entry, but when I don’t have an image of something terrestrial that goes along nicely with the topic of discussion, I will insert a beautiful image from the website Astronomy Picture of the Day (or APOD for short). All my life I’ve loved astronomy pictures because they provide a sort of inspiration and a way to meditate on humility and perspective through the incredible scale and awe inspiring beauty captured in these images. For me they also inspire a hopefulness for the future and so these astonishing images of the universe are an ideal aid for this leadership journey because they act as a sort of call to action. After all, taking on a leadership role to solve problems isn’t about wanting to be a leader but rather not waiting for the changes you want to see.

Without further ado, here is an image of the Horsehead nebula as capture by the Hubble space telescope in infrared.

Infrared image of the Horsehead Nebula as taken by the Hubble space telescope – available at


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